Hey love, are you ok?

Seriously, I am writing to check on you. Many of us went to bed on Saturday with news alerts on the mass shooting in El Paso ad work up to a second shooting in Dayton – its a lot. My heart goes out to the family and friends of those impacted.

While everyone has their opinion on gun laws and gun control, many of us have anxiety that creeps up during these events. Or is it just me? If you’re feeling anxiety, its ok and you’re not alone. I have been dealing with my fair share of emotions from Saturday.

I want you to take a moment to care for yourself. Make your emotions priority, limit your time reading peoples FB status and watching wall-to-wall coverage about the incident – this will help you to avoid over-identifying with other people’s anxiety.

Everyone is feeling shaky during these turbulent times and it’s also important that we lean on our loved ones. We all need the support of others and in the presence of others, there is safety and security. Prayers up for all of us.

I hope you feel better and I am here to talk if you need me.




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