Why You Should Worship Wherever, Whenever

For those that follow me online know how much the Long Island Railroad makes my blood boil—for many reasons.
Every morning I mentally prepare for my hour-long commute to NYC because I never know what to expect. Some mornings I listen to my favorite industry podcast, The Breakfast Club or the Steve Harvey Morning Show—pretty funny stuff.

However, there have been mornings where I just choose to listen to listen to music of all genres. I love soulful music, and I am often attracted to R&B and gospel. When I find a gospel song that I like, I add it to my “Push Through” playlist—yes I have one of those. Some mornings I forego talk radio and pull up my gospel playlist instead. There is just something about praise and worship music, the words, sound waves and how they travel to my spirit.

Have you ever found your self in deep worship during your commute? The type of worship where you were so deep in that you missed your stop on the train? Or if you were driving, stopped at the stop light and didn’t realize it turned green?

In the past, I listened to worship music on my way to the city, however, a few weeks ago I found myself lifting my hands and surrendering my mind and heart until becoming filled with intense emotion. The faster the drum beat, the more the tears bubble up in my eyes, and I eventually surrender my entire body to his presence. Yes, this all happened on the train. I was sprawled out on the seat with tears in my eyes. After I pulled it together, I looked around and said to myself, these people must think I am crazy. I won’t even lie to you, I was embarrassed.

I immediately tried to play it off, but it was obvious that I had gone all in; snot and all. The crazy part about it is it felt so good; I was ready to take on my day.
However, after that day I stayed clear of listening to worship music during my commute for a while. I grew subconscious and just didn’t want anyone thinking I was weird in the event I broke out in tears or even worse “shouting.” I just never know what to expect.

Then a few days ago, I stumbled up a devotion that reminded me that my emotional expression during worship is merely the gift of the spirit that cannot be controlled. The article went on to explain that when our hearts are touched by the Holy Spirit, our bodies find ways of cathartic release and you just can’t help but release those emotions.
Let’s be clear, everyone is different and being deep in worship doesn’t mean you have to cry and tears are not a prerequisite for worship. Some people express their emotions differently.

Now whenever I am on the train and queue up my favorite worship playlist, I bow my head and allow my emotions to flow—whatever comes that day. I no longer feel embarrassed but in lockstep with the Holy Spirit.

Through worship, God renews our mind and helps us shift our paradigm to focus on him alone. Worship takes our perspective off of what looks bad and brings peace and clarity to any situation. Worship is the best way to shift the atmosphere.

In the book of Isaiah, we are reminded that we should worship God for his unfolding plan. “O Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you; I will praise your name, for you have done wonderful things, plans formed of old, faithful and sure” (Isaiah 25:1).

Our God, we give you glory on this day. Thank you for the gift fo the Holy Spirit through worship. Help us to worship you in spirit and truth no matter where we are because you are an Omnipresent God deserving of all the glory, honor and praise.

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