The 5K Bride!

This bride’s journey to the altar is inspiring. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you follow the path God has ordained for you. My body screams in protest at anything that requires it to work harder than usual. God did not order my steps to be a runner; running is the most challenging type of cardio in the world. However, this bride will suggest otherwise.
Meet Mrs. Tamara Ferguson—the woman that let God set the course and even got me to run my first marathon. Tamara is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, corporate executive and marathon runner.
I recently had the opportunity to ask Tamara some questions about what inspired her to run for love.

How’d you and your husband meet?

We met at a basketball game where his twin girls and my son played on the same intergender community league team on Long Island.

When and how did you fall in love with running?

When I was in graduate school I started running when I got out of class; to relieve the stress of the workload that was in front of me. When I went to law school and the reading became intense, I picked it back up again and realized that it was my elixir.

What do you find most rewarding about running?

Running to me is a great way to relieve stress, but most importantly focus. When I’m running its a time that I have with God to talk things through with him and by the time my run is over, whatever was on my mind I’m now at a place of” its ok… He’s got it!”

You encouraged your bridal party, family, and friends to hit the concrete with you. Why was that important?

So my little sis Jessica introduced me to running races. When I would sign up I realized that the money was going to charity or to feed the homeless. I always encourage my son to help others as God has truly blessed us. Having the “bridal tribe” was truly a blessing because these friends and family members all hold a special place in my heart. To have them on the journey with me and share with them what I love to do (running), encouraging them to challenge themselves and we did it all while helping someone else was a complete win/win!

Did your husband participate in the fun?

Absolutely and so did our kids! He did two runs with me and has actually asked since then when is my next one so that he can participate. He likes to ride his bike so now we are looking for those to participate in.

Color Run 2017

Hebrews 10:36 says, “For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised”. On your wedding day, how did you feel?

So as I was on my journey of wedding preparation, God laid on my heart the story of Esther. A woman whose life teaches us the value of preparation, patience, and perseverance. On my wedding day, I felt Prepared: Because I inquired of my Father in Heaven of the choices that I was making. Calm and Patient: Because I knew that as a woman, single mother for 17 years, I waited for my time as Esther did to be called. My Husband went to my father and asked for my hand in marriage and to me, that was so important and the ultimate sign of respect. Accomplished through Perseverance: because everything  I set to do after I said yes… I’ll marry you… I did and much more.

Will you continue to run?

Absolutely! I run 5 days a week and we still do the races for charity. I’ve even stepped up my game and have my first 15k in April! Its a part of who I am and I encourage everyone to have something that can take them to that quiet space where they can talk to and hear from God…

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