Celebrate the Power of You!

For many of us, we naturally celebrate birthdays, weddings, promotions and significant milestones and we will even go as far as commemorating our pet’s birthday. While observing these events are important and bring a euphoric feeling, if there is one thing worth celebrating, it’s you.

While I reflected on all the things I achieved over the past 12 months, I am reminded how important it is to celebrate all of my accomplishments. Life isn’t always a piece of cake and sometimes we push ourselves to get things done, but we can quickly forget to give yourself a pat on the back. Think about it, when was the last time you raised a glass in celebration of the things you achieved so far? A personal accomplishment can be as simple as eating out less and meal prepping consistently, planning out your week, paying off debt, or hell, facing debt collectors and taking the necessary steps to get out of collections. Every goal you accomplish should be celebrated.

Recognizing your success can be very powerful. It is a reminder of how determined and resilient you are. I don’t know about you, but when I take a step back and reflect on all the wins in my life, I am amazed because there were times I didn’t know if I was going or coming. In other word’s I just felt like I was spinning my wheels with no result.

Every life has to experience some rainfall. In life as in nature, rain helps us grow. Regardless of the circumstances you won, you did it and “it” deserves to be celebrated. Sometimes we get so caught up in the outcome that we forget about the journey. We are quick to criticize and deny ourselves happiness when our expectations aren’t met: even for the littlest offenses.

Celebrating the little wins motivates us, propels us to move on to the next thing and gives us a sense of pride. Being proud of yourself is the best feeling in the world because only you know what it took to get to where you are now. These do not have to be grandiose unless you want them to be but ultimately celebrate how far you’ve come.

Here are five simple ways to celebrate yourself

Take the Day Off
Does your company offer personal days? Take one of those days to do nothing. Recharging is a great way to celebrate your wins. You can finally catch-up on that Netflix series your friends have been talking about, read that book that has been collecting dust on your nightstand or merely take ten naps in a day. These days I try to minimize my commitments on the weekends. While it’s essential for me to be visible in my industry, I try to maximize my work week, so I can rest, recharge and enjoy the weekends.

Buy Yourself Flowers
I love orchids and often pick up a pot when I do my weekly food shopping at the grocery store. They make me so happy! Yes, they will die in about a week or so (if I am lucky), but I love the way they make my home feel. Don’t wait for someone (especially a man) to buy you flowers. If you love flowers, buy them for yourself and enjoy them while you are alive.

Treat Yourself to Dinner
If you’re like me, my favorite foods make me happy and are the perfect treat for any long day. While emotional eating can be a challenge for some, food is the gateway to our soul and makes everything better. It’s that simple.

Allow Other People to Celebrate You!
While we shouldn’t wait for others to celebrate us to celebrate ourselves, we all have someone that has been our cheerleader. If your friends are like mine, we dump our challenges, disappointments, and frustrations on each other and it only fitting that they are part of the celebration when I come out on top. I will say, in the beginning, watching others celebrate me was pretty awkward. However, I am so blessed to have a group of amazing friends that genuinely want to see me win (vice versa). I’ve learned to embrace it, and it feels good!

Every girl feels extra special when she dresses up. You don’t need a legit reason to dress to the nines. Whether you are going to work, church or school, beat that face, throw on those heels and that outfit you’ve been waiting to wear. Hell, throw in a selfie. You look good, feel, good and smell good – why not capture the moment? Selfies make everyone feel fabulous.

Again, if celebrating, you mean getting dressed up, buying yourself flowers and taking yourself to dinner, or taking the day for yourself, do it! If you don’t celebrate the power of you, who will?

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