How to Go All In On Your Passion Project

So, we’ve gotten past the new year and you still have that amazing idea locked up in your head. You may agree that you find yourself telling people in your circle – or you’re keeping it on the hush, hush until you get it off the ground. Or you’ve planned it to no end, over-analyzed it – yet nothing.

I also assume you THINK you don’t have the time or the resources to get it started or you might also have a bad case of analysis paralysis.

It stops today, right now.

First Things First

To get started and to see your project through, you have to take care of yourself. Prioritize your mental and physical health and preserve your energy. Re-consider committing to things that are not enhancing you personally and professionally. It’s ok to say NO to what people want and YES to you!

Ask yourself
What if I fail – how will I recover?
What if I do nothing?
What’s truly worth doing, whether you fail or succeed?

Go All In 
Try not to stress about the little things and do what you have to do. Most people can get their passion projects off the ground with very little money and resources. I did! And I didn’t quit my day job. Honestly just fake it till you make it. And you don’t need a fancy computer and website to get started. You just need one good idea. Because of the device, you are reading this blog on you have more opportunities to create something for yourself.

Idea, action or life?
The answer is all three. Incorporate your passions into your daily living. I get it, we all have very demanding jobs and lives overall but when do we stop making excuses? I spend most of my time crafting ideas, executing and living life – all the time because my passion is also a lifestyle. Whenever there is an opportunity or a window to contribute to my passion project, I take advantage of it. Most of my social post and blogs are crafted in the moment. It works. Some of my best ideas come to me in the bathroom, mid-conversation with friends and family or during my quiet time when I can hear myself think.

Get a Partner 
Find someone that is good at the things you suck at to help you get to where you need to go. You can’t do it alone! Each one reaches one.

Make it Legit
Assuming you are done making excuses, and you know what your passion project is, here are some steps to making it official, for real this time.

File the proper business/ legal paperwork. I used LegalZoom. There are other affordable legal solutions and legal documents for small businesses and organizations, pick one, pay the fee (save if you need to) and that’s that.

Check the availability of your desired domain name (name of your website) and secure it. Your domain name will ideally validate your project or the name of your company. You don’t have the option to skip this step.

Lock down the same name across social media. This will help you broad reach your target audience.

If you want, I will hold you accountable. Contact me. I’ll sit with you to get everything set up and pester you about it until you have no choice but to do it.

Don’t stand in your way. You deserve to be the happiest and most fulfilled you can be.


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