Life Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

As humans, we make life unnecessarily complicated. We are in constant battle with ourselves and end up missing opportunities because we overthink things.

You deserve to live a fulfilling and rewarding life. However, why hasn’t it happened for you yet? Could it be because you are paralyzed with the “solo syndrome”? I have to admit, I struggle in this department too!

I hate asking for help. In my opinion, it’s so much easier to do things by myself. I never wanted to feel like I was a burden to anyone. However, when I relied on my own energy, I did not see the greatest results. In fact, after spinning my wheels to no end, I was exhausted and disappointed that nothing was accomplished.

After some self-discovery over the summer, I tried something different, I changed my paradigm and I asked for help. I got over the idea of feeling like I was needy or a bother. In some cases, I had to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Life became so much easier. I identified people to walk the journey with me, help me stay grounded and calm when anxiety riddled my body.

Whether you want to launch your passion project, shed a few pounds or juggle things at home, it’s important that you’re open to help. Lean on the people in your life that want to see you do well.

Some of you may say, I don’t ask for help and I stay to myself because I am afraid of being hurt (again), judged or used. That’s totally normal. Whatever the case may be, you carry it with you through many of your days and it’s not good. Although I am not an expert, I want to encourage you to express what you’re feeling, stop telling the story and live in the moment.

We all deserve to live our best life ever. Life can be easier if we are open to letting others help us through it. If you will just start doing it and keep doing it, over time you will see vast improvement in your life.


Go be great!

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