3 Ways to Prepare for ‘This Is Us’ post-Super Bowl Episode

Is it me or every time I watch the This is Us, I am never fully prepared for the ball of emotions that consume my body? And in classic This is Us fashion, the episode airs after the Super Bowl LII which will be an emotional experience for some. To top it off, NBC promises answers to Jack’s death will be revealed.

Fortunate for me, they won’t catch me off guard this time.

While we continue to wait in anticipation for the back half of season two to kick off, here are three things you can do to prepare yourselves.

Get a Box of Tissue
I’m sure you know by now; tissues are a staple at your This Is Us viewing party.

Find Your Jack
Whether it’s a shot Jack Daniels, chai tea, or wine you will need something that is clarifying and energizing yet calming at the same time–NBC is bound to take us on an emotional roller-coaster of highs and lows.

Be Prepared
Never mind–we will never be prepared.

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