3pm Teatime is a lifestyle brand based in New York founded by Alicia Ray. Inspired by her love for tea, passion for homemaking, art, media, and technology, 3pmteatime.com launched in late 2016. What began as a conversation over tea with a few girlfriends, eventually evolved into a lifestyle brand, aimed to inspire women of color to practice better self-care.

Professional women of color are often the subject of mainstream media as being a “superwoman”, but we usually feel overlooked, overwhelmed and overcommitted. However, we know, if we build a sacred self-care community, prioritize ourselves, our decision making and productivity will dramatically increase.

3pm Teatime brewed out of the conviction that women of color deserve to live a meaningful and productive life.



Sacred Space

Spiritual Self-Care





This community aims to empower her to end burnout and maintain a healthy work and home life balance by offering thoughtful solutions with an emphasis on practical executions to lead a more rewarding lifestyle.